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Ok, so I suppose it's later. So here I sit, about 1 hour from the end of this tour of midnight duty. I can't be more pleased. This is the first time I've done the two week stint of midnights, and let me tell you…. it sucks! Working 7 days straight is bad enough when you consider the things that go into it – screwed up sleep schedule, limited solar exposure, limited human exposure… you get the picture. Well, when you work 14 days straight, the same things apply times two, but everything seems to accumulate more. Phil mentioined quite a few times that he just felt himself turning almost antisocial, just wanting to snap at people all the time, especially at work. Well, I definitely got that too. Combine that with the nifty DoS event of last weekend and other things I won't mention, and it would be pretty safe to say that I was a grumpy asshole for most of the week. But, thankfully, it's almost over. My psyche and body will be happy to return to the realm of the living, but my wallet will be sorry to see the midnight shifts go. They are good for one thing – putting a good chunk of cash into the bank account.

Since things are slow (knock on wood) and there's nothing for me to do really except twiddle my fingers at this point, I suppose I can mention some things I've been meaning to mention. I've bought a few pretty sweet CDs over the past few weeks that I would definitely recommend. The first two were Evergrey CDs – 'In Search of Truth' and 'Solitude Dominance Tragedy'. I'd probably recommend ISoT more, but they're both sweet. ISoT is a concept album, which always seems to generate more interest on my part. The other disc I picked up was 'Comalies' by Lacuna Coil. This was a pretty sweet album as well, but all the songs were kinda slow. When they opened for Anthrax, I could have sworn they had some headbanging thrash songs in their repitore, but alas, they're not on this album. It's still sweet. Cristina Scabbia (their female vocalist) has a great voice, and it's kind of eerily haunting at times. And she's hot too. Does that affect her voice and the talent of the band? Probably not, but it never hurts to say it.

I might try to update some of the old stale pages on the site in my upcoming days off, and then again, I may not. I think I mentioned doing the same thing about 6 months ago, and I never touched them. We'll see I guess.

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