And with this ring…

… Will and Katie wed. This past weekend was Will and Katie's wedding. Due to an unfortunate situation with Jon, I had the privilege of being promoted to the coveted BEST MAN position at the last minute. The wedding was short and sweet, and everything went off without a hitch. I have to say though… making the groom and best man stand alone in a little room for a half hour before the wedding seems a bit like iceing the kicker before a crucial field goal… it really gives that groom some time to think before making that crucial step… hehe. The reception was pretty sweet too. My speech/toast went pretty well, dispite some early fumbling with my notes and such. I could have really used a podium. Once the speech was over and my nervousness went away, I had a really good time, dispite the fact that I only knew about 4 or 5 people in the room. I spent a good portion of the later hours hanging out by the photographers, for a couple reasons. First, they were using nothing but digital photo gear, and it was top quality. Lots of cool stuff. They had a laptop set up on a table in the back with a card reader so they could pull the pictures off the cards as soon as they were full. When they were both out and about taking pictures, they set up slide shows of the pictures they had taken so far that day. The older folks were very impressed by this. I was asking all sorts of technical questions, since I do try to dabble in photography a bit (as evidenced by my photo gallery), even if I'm not very good at it. The other reason I hung out back there was because the second photographer was quite cute, and my age! I tried working my magic in with actual questions about photography and the pictures they were taking. I succeeded in making her laugh and smile a bit, so perhaps there's hope for me yet!

Not much going on other than that, except we got our new Cisco 12000 series routers at work. They're friggin huge! They're each like 4 feet tall, with tons of horsepower and room for expansion. They each have two power supplies with fully redundant backups, huge blowers for cooling, and lots of fun expansion cards. There are 5 gigabit ethernet modules, a 16-port OC-3 card (!!!) and a 4-port OC-12 adapter. Lots of fun. Lots of pictures are up here.

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