Sonic Torture

Today, when I was glancing at the webstats for my site, I noticed a weird string of downloads to one of my guitar MP3s. I traced it back to some 15 year old punk's xanga blog, and when I got there, I was rather dismayed to find that my (rather shitty) rendtion of Sanitarium from the guitar multimedia page was playing as the background music for his page. Not only is using my sound clip without my permission pretty lame, but he didn't even copy it to his webserver or anything. It was loading straight from my server, stealing my (free) bandwidth. Well, that had to stop. I decided to set up a redirect that would make this punk kid think twice before he hotlinked another mp3. I got a couple good suggestions of stuff to redirect to, such as static, a clip of me shouting into a microphone, or the audio track to a gay porn movie. The third would have been classic, but I had no desire to subject my ears or my webserver to something like that. So, I kinda combined the first two with some guitar stuff, and went to work. I cranked up the guitar, turned on every effect I had, and played a totally nasty dissonant chord (think alarm clock here) over and over again. It made an excellent backdrop for my verbal message, which ended up sounding really funny due to the voice I used. I repeated the voice clip over and over, as I let the dissonant chords deteriorate into a droning feedback loop. Definitely an annoying sound. After I had saved the sound and published it, I went to work on the redirect, only to find that the kid had moved on to use some other sound file as background music. All that work for nothing. Well, not really. I set it up as a universal hotlink blocker for my mp3 recordings, so anyone hotlinking the mp3s will get a rather annoying sound out of their speakers. For those who are interested, the clip is here.

I also recorded another guitar doodle after the hotlink soundclip was recorded, and that can be found here. I also posted some older doodles, located here and here. I can't remember if they're worth downloading, but they were worth saving to disk, so they can't suck that bad. Maybe.

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