Anybody got a towel?

Well, we were hoping that the new puppy was ultra brilliant or something, because until today he hadn't had any accidents, and had been pretty mild-mannered. Well, that didn't last. I made the mistake of letting him out this morning a few minutes before I was ready to take him out for his morning relief walk. I was brushing my teeth while I was putting on my shoes, and he seemed to be rather entertained with the toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. I went back upstairs and deposited the toothbrush, then came back downstairs. As I was reaching for the leash, he hunched down in the kitchen and let rip. So instead of just letting him out when I was ready, I got the added pleasure of cleaning up a puddle of dog piss. That made me a few minutes late for work, but nothing too horrible.

Greg got the same treatment a few minutes ago, but for much less reason. I had already taken him out 3 or 4 times since I got home from work, and he had done his duties each time, so there wasn't really any reason for him to have another accident. Well, there apparently isn't any rhyme or reason in the mind of a 9 week old puppy, and he demonstrated that fact by leaving another puddle on the carpet. Oh well… He's got to have the accidents before he learns that accidents are bad, so for a while we'll have to bear with it.

We're still deciding on a name, but we're getting closer. “Spock” has been suggested by a couple different people, but Greg isn't a huge fan of that. Greg found a dog naming site somewhere, found “Mr. T” on there, and was inspired. “Cisco” is also on his mind, so we'll see what comes about. He might be caving on Spock, so if a couple more people suggest it, we might have a vulcan dog!

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