Super Post 3000

Holding to the line of exciting posts with pictures, I offer more words with pictorial accompanyment. This past weekend was mostly uneventful if I remember right, because I don't remember much happening. I did meet my family down at my grandma Neir's place, and we had dinner in honor of my dad's birthday. It was good to get down there and visit… I don't do it nearly enough.

This week has been a large pile of pure steaming suck. Monday I ended up working 13 hours in the attempt to get a new vserver set up, but everything was against me. Our kickstart setup was totally janked up, and that put me behind. There were other assorted problems throughout the day, so I didn't really get working on the server setup until it would normally be time to leave. I got the server and the vserver template finished up around 7, but was there until 9 testing it and tweaking the template. Tuesday wasn't half bad, but it was still rather busy. Yesterday fucking sucked due to the fact that some little script-kiddie decided to throw a 140Mbit+ DoS attack at a server on our network. That did a good job at crippling our network for a while until Greg and I could isolate the problem and get it blocked. The rest of the day after that wasn't bad, but the first part was bad enough. Today was busy, which is enough to call a day bad.

Speaking of networks, we got our new core switches in on monday… a couple of Cisco 6509's. Each one of them can handle like 50 million packets per second, so attacks like the one yesterday should do little more than tickle our network. I can't wait for it to come online. I also set up a much more powerful SQL server for my monitoring system at work. The old had a dual Pentium3 box functioning as the sole entity in the system – SQL server, collector, and web server. Now I have a Dual Opteron box functioning as the SQL server, and it's far less loaded than the P3. This should give us the capacity to install the monitoring system on at least another 200 machines before load again becomes a problem, if things behave linearly that is. I'll tell you one thing though… Dual Opterons compile Gentoo in a hurry! 🙂

Ace has been doing as good as can be expected I suppose. He still has accidents now and again, mostly because we're otherwise occupied and miss the “hey I have to go!” warning signs.

Last, and possibly least, I've recorded a few more diddys on the guitar over the past weeks that haven't been posted, so here they are. The first one is a rather short one played on the Fender, tuned to B. I think it's all clean, so your fragile little ears should be safe. The second clip was recorded the next night, with much more distortion, again on the Fender. If you listen not-so-carefully, you can hear me tuning from B to C about 3/4 of the way through. The third clip is much more lengthy, with much more going on as well. I think I show some signs of progress in this one. There are actually parts that I would call good sounding, and not in my normal metal way. It's recorded on the Fender again. There are some parts that are overdriven as a result of the mic inputs not being calibrated right when I switched to the neck/middle pickup combo, but oh well, this one is still worth getting. The last clip was recorded last on the Carvin in normal tuning. It has the added 'bonus' of having beats in the background provided by Frooty Loops. I played all right on top of the more aggressive beat, but later on I put on a slow one, and it highlights the fact that I don't play slow music. Oh well.

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