Yes, I’m still alive…

Rumors of my demise are greatly overstated. I've had a couple people comment on the fact that it's been nearly two weeks since I posted something, and well, they're right. I mentioned to one of said people that there hasn't really been much going on worth discussing, but later I recanted and said that there are things going on, but that I just don't really feel like discussing anything right now. I'm not sure whether it's because winter's kicking in again and I freakin' hate the winter, or the fact that we're doomed to suffer another four years with an idiot president at the helm of our country, or the fact that it's been busy at work lately, leading most of us to get pulled in many different directions constantly, making it damn near impossible to get stuff done every day, or perhaps it's because I still sit here at home at a computer for countless hours after sitting on a computer for countless hours at work, basically taking breaks only to play the same old crap on the guitar. Whatever it is, I just don't really feel like posting much these days.

I think I just need a spark so that the flames of something new can be lit. My life is in such a set routine, and it hardly changes. Wake up, go to work, proceed with various customer annoyances, come home. Sit at computer, play guitar, be lonely. Go to bed, Repeat. Something needs to change.

I suppose I should talk about the Slayer show I saw the other night with Matt, since it was a pretty sweet show. It was down at Harpos in Detroit, and Harpos was hopping. I couldn't believe how many people were there. Crazy insane skinhead psycho types were all abound. The first opening band, Mastodon, was pretty sweet, and I would definitely buy a CD of theirs in the future if I were to find one. The second band, Killswitch Engage, was ok, but I wasn't as impressed with them as I was Mastodon. Just not really my type I guess. Slayer was freakin awesome. Never before have I seen a crowd so active at a metal show. The mosh pits were so active that they would consume entire halves of the floor, which is good if you're in it, not as good if you're trying to stay out of it. Keeping a stable footing proved difficult at times. Regardless, they rocked the house, and it was worth the drive. The ticket was like $35 after all the bullshit TicketMaster convenience charges though, which is total crap. No show at Harpos should be over $20, ever.

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