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Here I am again, “overdue” for a post, but I really don’t have all that much to say. Work has been ok for the most part, except for thursday. I had traded up Greg for the 4pm-12 shift since he had something to take care of that evening. When I came in Steven was pretty bent over some things, and the whole office was kinda grumpy. Crappy day I guess. One of the servers was acting up, and it was determined eventually that there was some faulty hardware. It had acted up before, so I thought it best that the old machine be retired in lieu of brand new hardware, just to make sure that the problems didn’t continue. Building the new server went pretty quickly dispite the fact that the phones were ringing pretty regularly, but the data transfer certainly did not. It turns out that the main hard drive was the faulty part of the old system, and it caused the transfer to crawl. About 3 hours into it, I did the math, and projected that the transfer would take about 30 hours. Definitely not acceptable, so I decided to restore from the previous day’s backups instead of trying to salvage the current data. Restoring the backup data still took a while, but it was a lot quicker than the original data. When my field triage was complete and I was ready to put the server back on the rack, I sat down to clean out the ARP cache of the core switch that server is plugged into, I noticed my monitoring system going haywire. I put the server back on the rack and took a peek at the monitoring server, and the main hard drive appeared to be dead. It was already like 5am at that point, and I didn’t feel like dealing with anything else, so I just went home and fixed it on friday. The drive wasn’t really dead, but it is certainly acting weird. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. One cool thing happened thursday… I was able to fix my monitor, which had crapped out on me a few days previous. It turns out that it was just a couple of cracked solder leads leading out of the power plug to the rest of the circuitry in the monitor, and gobbing some more solder across the broken area fixed things up fine. I was kinda surprised at the reaction I got from the guys at work… they seemed super impressed at the fact I had fixed it, even though it was a very simple fix. It was a 10 minute job, and about 8 minutes of that was waiting for the soldering iron to heat up.

Thanks to a couple guys at work being sick, I’ve got another one of my coughs. They always do a pretty good job of making me miserable, and this one is no exception. My abdominal muscles get worked so hard when I cough that I probably do the equivalent work of two or three situps each time I cough. I should market this to all the smokers of the world… “Cough your way to fitness with Mike Neir! No longer do you have to waste your time with those OTHER workout plans! Now you can kill yourself and prolong your life at the same time!” Hmm… maybe not. They also give me wicked headaches when I have a good coughing spat; headaches that pain medications don’t fix. I actially left work early on wednesday due to the headache that I had worked up. Sleeping doesn’t work out too well either since whatever is in my lungs tends to shift around, causing endless coughing fits. And to think… this will probably only be going on for another two or three weeks. I can’t wait.

Another cool thing happened this week I suppose… Half-Life 2 was released. It is officially the hottest game ever. Doom 3 is graphically stunning, and scares the shit out of me when I play it, but HL2 is a much more complete package overall. The graphic detail is stunning, but what may be even cooler than that is the physics engine. Things pretty much behave how they would in the real world, which isn’t always easy to replicate in a game. Wood splinters and floats on water, rocks sink. and even more impressive, the human (and unhuman) forms in the game act and react realistically too. I had a few long gaming sessions this week and I was able to beat it on easy mode, where simply looking at the bad guys really hard seems to kill them. I’ll play again on a harder skill level, and I’m sure I won’t have as easy a time of it. For now, here is a screenshot of the game showing the game’s female sidekick and some extras as well.

HL2 hotness

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