Let the Right Eye saga begin

Most of the people I interact with on a regular basis already know about the saga that's been unfolding with my right eye, but since I haven't mentioned it on here yet, I figure I will. The story begins a while ago, probably at least a year and a half ago. I noticed a little spot in my vision while I was reading that seemed to dance around as my eye moved. I figured at first that it was something on the surface of my eye, but no matter how much I blinked it wouldn't go away. That fact along with the general pattern of movement suggested that it was inside my eye. My mom pulled out one of her trusty medical dictionaries and quickly found something listed under 'floaters' which described what I was seeing to a T, and it said that for many people they're a normal part of aging. So I didn't pay it much heed. The floaters came and went over the next few months, nothing to really write home about.

Fast forward to about 3-4 months ago. I started noticing that the floaters were much more constant and their density was increasing. It still wasn't much more than a minor distraction at this point. Since then, the floaters have kind of evolved into a general blur, almost as if you covered the outside of your glasses with vaseline or a gel of some sort. The field is uneven and quite mobile, so something that is completely blurred out will come into view if I move my eye and I 'find' a less blurry part of the mass. The movement of the stuff in my eye is similar to what happens when you stir a glass of water with ice in it… everything seems to revolve around the vertical axis in a circular fashion.

The nusciance factor could now be considered a debilitation factor. My eyes are now very much different in their ability to distingush detail, so much so that I can't read normal sized text on a computer screen less than 2 feet away with my right eye. With my left eye I can read 6 or 8 point text with no problems (depending on the font), but my right eye needs around a 30 point font before I can read letters with 100% certainty. Because of this, I find myself closing or covering my right eye a large part of the time while trying to read any kind of print, be it on paper or a computer screen. Not a very good thing since I work on a computer all day.

Fast forward to yesterday. After procrastinating for far too long, I finally got my eye looked at. The opthamological assistant took a look at my eyes and did a bunch of standard vision tests, which was a bit frustrating because most of the tests seemed to deal with problems of focus rather than what I'm experiencing, which could be best likened to dirt in the optics. I expected it though, so I rolled with it. There was one test she gave me that pointed out something I hadn't really noticed before. I'm sure there's a proper name for it, but basically she had me stare at a grid and look for any variations in the grid. Well knowing that the squares should look square, I was a little surprised to see that there was a distortion at the very center of my right eye vision, which made the grid appear to stretch as if someone was pushing on the middle of it.

After a short wait and some weird effects from the eye dilation drops they gave me, the doctor finally came in and checked things out. What he found could be classified as disturbing, but at this point I'm not going to worry, since I don't have any conclusive information either way. He said that there appeared to be something under my retina (the film in the metaphorical camera) that was causing it to bulge into the inside of my eye. He had no explanation for what it was or why it's there, and he mentioned that he's never really seen anything like this before. He hypothesized that it could be a fluid buildup under the retina, remains from some sort of infection (we ruled that out, because I've shown no signs of infection), or a cyst of tumor of some sort. The latter sounds pretty ominous, but from what I see, I would lean towards some sort of fluid build-up since the distortions are so mobile. If it was something solid, I don't think it would move around nearly as much or as fluidly as it does.

The doctor seemed pretty concerned, and since he could offer no conclusive insight, he put me on the path to see a retinal specialist in the hope that he can shed some more light on the subject. I've got an appointment next thursday, so hopefully then I'll hear something concrete. Hopefully the light he sheds won't be so blurry.

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