Sleepless in Lansing

No, not like the corny chick flick. Just can’t sleep. I did my best to force a switchover from 3rd shift sleep schedule to a normal one, but my body is resisting. I figured that being awake for 21 hours out of 24 would help me sleep, but apparently my body doesn’t listen to the will of my mind. What a pisser. I went to bed around 8pm, and woke up at about 12:30. I’m going to try to hit the sack again here in a little while.

Speaking of the night shift, I can say with a certainty that this was the most laid back stint of 3rd shifts that I’ve had, with the possible exception of the first one way back in September ’03. No big problems, low phone call and ticket volumes… just calm and quiet. It allowed me to get a decent amount of work done on a few more projects, which is definitely nice. Having to miss out on New Years festivities kinda stunk, but I guess that’s life. I had most of the other major holidays off this year while other people worked them, so I guess it was my turn.

I’ve been putting a decent amount of layout work into the site, but anybody who has visited the site before should see that. I definitely like the new layout and style – it’s much more colorful much less boring. The new RSS stuff is hot too, but I agree with Joe that it looks a bit cluttered. I’ll have to work on that. Not tonight though.

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