Home… safe and sound

For all that are curious, the surgery went fine and I’m home safe and sound at my parents house. We battled through the snow this morning for my follow up exam, and all was fine there too. My parents are in the kitchen preparing a nice meal for me, since I haven’t eaten more than a few snacks in over 36 hours. I’m quite excited.

My eye looks pretty nasty right now, but it looks worse than it feels. It might be the vicodin talking, but I don’t really feel all that much pain. It’s pretty sore when I try to look to the far left or right, so needless to say, I’m avoiding that.

They didn’t end up cutting into my eye like they thought they would, but they did use the laser and still froze some stuff. They also shot a steroid into my eye that is supposed to help keep the swelling down, and will also help to keep those problem blood vessels under control.

I’ve got some before and after pictures, and I’ll probably post them after my meal. I’m starving.


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