Eye News

There is more good news to be had! I went back in for another followup checkup on my eye with Dr. Pearlman, and he pronounced that my was looking pretty good. A good portion of the blood vessels that were causing problems where hit with either the laser or cryotherapy, and were showing signs of scarring, which is good. The scarring is what actually keeps things from leaking. He said they may need to have one more similar surgical procedure to clean up the stragglers, but so far things look good. I also asked him about the extended dilation that I had in my eye, and he said it was completely normal for someone taking the Atropine drops that I was taking. That’s good news too… I was getting worried though. My eye was showing some signs of “waking up” in the bright environment caused by the sun and snow – the pupil closed up a bit, but only half of it! It looked like a weird oval shape. They had to dilate it again for the exam, which erased any progress it made. No biggie though. At least I know the effect will wear off with time.

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