While my progress with my eye problem has been pretty good, there has been one fairly obvious remnant from the surgery that has yet to make itself scarce:

[Goofy pupil]

Yup, my pupil is still all out of whack. It does open and close now, but there’s the one quadrant of it that just doesn’t seem to move. I asked Dr. Saxe about it tuesday when I was in there, and he said that it was probably due to the laser part of the surgery. Sometimes the lasers hit nerves that provide the pupillary muscles with their cues on when to contract and relax, with the result of what you see above in the picture. Sometimes it’s permanent, sometimes it’s not.

The basic issue is that my eye doesn’t close down as much as it should in response to bright light. In an internal setting, it’s really not all that bothersome, and I get by without even noticing that it’s there. Cloudy days are ok too for the most part, except when there’s a lot of snow on the ground. Sunny days are just unbearable unless I’ve got a pair of sunglasses. I’m really hoping that this isn’t permanent.

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