Goodbye Cingular, Hello Nextel

Yup, I’ve become “that guy.” Well, not really. I’ve made a pledge not to become “that guy.” You know the kind – the guy who’s always beeping on his Nextel wherever he’s at, no matter what the environment… restaraunt, movie theater, grocery store – you name it, he’s beeping. Not me. I’m going to be responsible with my Nextel.

Since there’s such a stigma about it, you’re probably wondering why I got a Nextel in the first place? Joe Doss. He talked me into it. That and the fact that my Cingular service up here wasn’t that great. Cingular never treated me bad, and I would give them a good recommendation in the Metro Detroit area, but their Lansing coverage just wasn’t that great. Nextel has lots of coverage around here, and most other places I’m likely to go, so I jumped on the bandwagon.

The phone I got also has some nifty features besides the little walkie talkie thing as well. It’s got a built in GPS receiver that will provide a position if I wait long enough, plus it will send telemetry data to a computer through the data cable I bought. It’s got a camera in it too, which isn’t much more than a novelty since I have a full fledged digital camera. It takes pictures that approach decent when the resolution is turned up to it’s highest setting, but they’re nothing spectacular. It also does the nifty contact-based ringtone thing, so I can have a seperate ringer for everyone on my list if I so choose. I would imagine that a lot of phones have that nowadays, but the fossil I was using before didn’t, so it’s neat and cool.

So far, I like the phone, although I haven’t used it much, since nobody calls me. I think I sent the new number to most everyone that would ever call me, but if I forgot you, let me know and I’ll make sure you know the new number.

In closing, here’s the only picture I’ve taken so far with the phone that’s actually turned out well…


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