It’s not over yet…

On tuesday I had another appointment with Dr. Saxe to evaluate the progress of my eye. I’ve been noticing gradual improvement over the past few months, but the situation, from my perspective, is far from being cleared up. I still have the moving blob thingy in my vision, and even though it has shrunk a bit, it’s still there and causing trouble. I still have little random floaters too, but they seem to come and go much quicker, and don’t seem to hang around as long, which is a good thing. So, in short, it’s getting better, but it’s not ‘cured’ yet.

Dr. Saxe sees the same thing. He noted a marked improvement from when he first saw me, but there are still capillaries in my eye leeching their fluid out into my eye, so he’s under the belief that there may be one more treatment sometime in the summer to try to clean them up. I’m seeing a solid 20/30 out of my right eye though, which is a lot better than the 20/50 I was seeing before, so I guess I can’t complain. Hopefully it’ll get better with another treatment.

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