Spring has arrived, but prompt posting hasn’t…

Judging by the reaction of those around me, I need to post more on here. Even my mom was bugging me the other day about not posting. Well, here's a post. If there was more going on, I would probably post more often.

I've been given a programming project at work, which is pretty cool. It's not one of those ones that I've just taken up and started. Nope, this is a project handed down from above. I can't really give a whole lot of detail, but since I'm the only one that will be working on it, I've been given pretty much full control over how it will work. Time is kind of short, so I've got to get cracking. But not today. Probably tomorrow.

Spring has (finally) arrived here in Michigan, and I am glad. Last week marked the first 5 days where I could leave the house without a jacket, and I couldn't be more happy. Greg and I pulled the weather stripping off the windows, and there was much rejoicing (I'm watching Monty Python right now, haha).

On a much less happy note, it would seem that my eye is regressing. I'm catching myself closing/covering my eye again while reading, and I can't read stuff I was able to read a month or so ago. So it would appear that I'll need to get back to the doctor sooner than I had planned. Grand.

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