Good Times.

I made a commitment to myself a few weeks back to get out of the house more. I’ve been far too much of a homebody as of late, and I think it’s been contributing to my generally dark mood over the past few months. So far, I’ve been doing well. Last week I had dinner with my cousin Alex and hung out for a while afterwards. Nothing terribly special, but still enjoyable. He lives like 5 miles away, and yet I still hardly ever see him.

On saturday Steven invited me out to see a few bands play over at the Temple Club in Lansing. We had both missed out on a work-sponsored casino trip the night before, so we were ready to let loose and have a good time. We all took a cab over to the show so driving wouldn’t be a problem, and got our jag on. Phil showed up somewhere too, contributing to the madness. The first band that played was Hillbilly Nightmare. I enjoyed their sound the most out of the three bands. To me it sounded a lot like what you would get if you took ZZ Top and gave them a lot of beer and cranked their distortion up a bunch. Very deliberate, but a lot of fun at the same time. The second band was The Fightin’ Hellfish. They had a more punk sound, and they were a lot of fun too. Everybody else seemed to know the songs they were playing, but I didn’t. Oh well. Third up was Eight-Ball Grifter. Steven’s talked these guys up a bunch, and they were a lot of fun too. They also had a very punk sound, but they dropped a lot of other stuff in there too. Very cool. A good show overall. Afterwards, we went back to Steven’s house, where his wife had prepared whole plates of delicious snack-type goodies. Very good stuff!

Tonight I went out to dinner with my aunt Pam, Uncle Brad, and cousin Hannah, and then went to see Alex play in the MSU concert band’s last show of the school year. Alex plays Oboe, and is quite good. He had a solo in the first song he played in, and it was quite neat to hear.

In less happy news – round two of my eye surgery is now only 8 days away. My project at work is progressing, but I’ve now got more of a firm deadline. My eye surgery won’t help with that at all, so I’m probably going to have to be a hermit the next few days and crank out some code so I don’t have to try to program with one good eye and another that looks like I just left a boxing match with a pinkeye infection. I’m not in a bad spot as far as what I’ve got working, but there’s still plenty of stuff to hammer out.

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