Alive and well

Today’s surgical procedure went pretty well. From the heresay I heard from my parents, the doctors said this procedure was much nicer than the first, and I reflect their sentiments. They didn’t have to do the cryotherapy this time, which means that my eye is in much better shape in general. There’s not nearly as much irritation and swelling, and so far, no real discomfort to speak of. Today was nothing but a steroid injection and a laser treatment. Apparently they ‘only’ had to shoot my eye with about 800 laser bursts today. Apparently there were significantly more last time. I don’t know if 800 is a lot or a little, so I’ll have to ask. I was in the operating room for around 2 hours last time, but only about an hour this time. The result from that is that I woke up a hell of a lot quicker. My parents said that they waited for around two hours for me to wake up the first time, but I was actually awake once I was wheeled into the second waiting area. I think they were pretty happy to see that since they didn’t really want to spend the entire day in the hospital. Aside from bit of dozing off on the bed they made me here, I’ve been awake the whole day. I slept the entire day last time.

So far, everything is pretty good… except that ONE thing. I thought I was imagining it when I looked in the mirror in the hospital, but when my family and I all saw it here after dinner, I knew I wasn’t still spacey from the anesthesia. I now have some extremely visible gobs of goo in my eye. It’s my theory that it’s the steroid that they injected, but who knows. It’s quite light in color and pretty reflective, so if I’m staring at a light and it’s in the right spot, you can totally see it. From my perspective it seems quite similar to the other floaty things I had in there before, only its far more opaque. I guess there’s a chance that it’s just pre-existing garbage that they stirred up, so who knows. I’ve got pictures and digi-cam videos of it up in the gallery, but I’m not going to post them front and center, because, well, it is pretty creepy looking. X-Files creepy. I’ll definitely be calling the medical folks if the stuff doesn’t subside within the next day or so.

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