Eye Boogers

The Unidentified Floating Objects (UFOs) that have been roaming around in my eye since my surgery on wednesday are still there. They seem to be smaller than they were wednesday night, which is good. Then again, I may just be able to see less of them in the mirror because my eye has returned to its normal non-dilated state. Who knows. I’m hoping Dr. Saxe can shed some light on what the UFOs are, and if they’ll go away, and if so, when. As it stands now, I’m seeing worse than before I went into surgery, which sucks. That was always a risk involved with the surgery, but it’s still no good. It’s making me feel a tad more weary when I do certain things like driving that require good sight. I made a quick jaunt to QD last night to pick up some things, and it happened to be raining. Well, the combination of rain, darkness, and the crap in my eye made it pretty damn difficult to see things clearly.

Other than the eye business, I’m just taking it easy. I’ve been trying to get out of the stagnated state I’ve been in on the guitar and have tasked myself with learning some Shadows Fall tunes. This requires me to be in either D or dropped C tuning, depending on the song. It’s a good thing I have two guitars! I only know about 6 songs in those tunings, so playing just in those tunings would stink, and retuning all the time would stink even more.

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