Movin’ on up!

This past saturday I helped Phil move into his new house. I have to thank Phil for making this move an easy one. He had everything packed and ready to go, with nothing left to be done but carry it out to the moving van. His desk was giving us some trouble, so we tossed it out the window. Literally. This desk had been around for many many years, long since forgotten by the sands of time. We convinced him that he was buying a new house, so he should buy new stuff. He reluctantly agreed. I’m happy for Phil though… I could see weeks of stress lifting off his shoulders as we started moving stuff into his house. He was quite happy. Congrats Phil!

Yesterday I went out with my family in honor of my sister’s 23rd birthday. We gorged ourselves at Outback and then lounged around the homestead here. After about an hour of continuous exposure to the four-legged energy bomb that goes by the name of ‘Ace,’ my family finally understands why my patience is so thin at times. We actually had to put him up in Greg’s room because he just wouldn’t calm down. America could power 3/4 of it’s homes for about 2 years from the energy that dog has.

I also had the pleasure of sharing some beers and ice cream with Megan. She does exist! I had a very good time. We’ll have to do it again sometime!

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