Seeing Red

Yep, the past couple of weeks have been pretty frustrating in Mike land. I've had a whole list of things that I've been wanting to bitch about, er, I mean, mention on the website, but I've been pretty busy so I haven't taken the time to do so. Well, I'm taking the time.

1. The project that never dies. The project I've been working on at work is making lots of progress, but it seems that for every task I cross of my to-do list, another two or three appear. I received a pretty firm date that the thing needs to be completed by, and because of that I worked the whole holiday weekend, and I'll probably be working most of this coming weekend as well. I'm tired. I want this project to end.

2. The incredible defective LCD panel. One of my LCD panels in my super cool triple-monitor setup at home has decided that it likes having a big red line going vertically thoughout the screen. It's always there no matter what I do. I tried swapping signal cables, changing video modes, changing the card it was plugged into… nothing fixes it. Pretty shitty considering I've only had it for about 6 months.

3. My own stupidity. I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate, and it never results in anything good. Case in point: I got in a slight fender-bender a few weeks ago, and I was the person at fault. It was rainy, and I was following too close, and I slid into the back of this girl in an Envoy. Yah, it sucked, shit happens, whatever. I called and got the insurance claim started the monday after it happened, so no problems there. I did however, completely neglect to call the court about the ticket until, well, this morning. They informed me that the ticket was due TODAY, and that there was no way to pay it online or over the phone. So I had to drive all the way to Brighton just to pay a $105 ticket. Could someone smack me please?

4. Parts and Labor. I got my car looked at last week following the accident to make sure nothing was wrong with it and to get an estimate on the cost of repairing the minor damage that I had on the front fascia. All I saw was a bit of scuffed paint and a broken Pontiac emblem. No big deal right? Wrong. The inspector also found that the front fascia had a crack farther down near the underside. He said it could probably be fixed, but maybe not. Total cost, parts and labor: $485. Freakin $15 under my deductable. That's only if the fascia is repairable. If it's not, tack another $300-400 on to that bill.

Sigh. At least it's warm outside now.

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