WMGN in Cincinnati

Yep, I’m posting from Cincinnati tonight. I’m down here visiting Jon and Michelle, and pilfering one of their neighbor’s wireless connection. That’s what they get for leaving it open! For those that are curious, I’m in this general area. This area is actually a bit more scenic than the rest of Ohio. The last 30 miles or so of the highway portion of the drive have hills and woods and stuff, whereas the first portion of the drive has nothing but effing Corn Fields. At least I didn’t smell that pig farm that I’ve noticed before on previous trips through Ohio on I-75. That stench makes rotten eggs seem downright fragrant.

This week has been a good one for me. The project load at work was lighter, which is a good thing. The project was kinda delayed on the other end, not mine. I was kinda mad though, I was told to be ready for the monday launch, and when I emailed the other folks to find out what the status was, they were like “oh yah, we’ll release sometime in the next three weeks.” And I worked the whole weekend before trying to polish things up for monday. Grrrr.

I also hung out with Megan a few times this week. We hit up the bar, watched some movies, and played guitars together. I don’t care what she says, her voice is great! I have an admiration for anyone who can play and sing at the same time, because I can’t. I can shout over choruses, but that’s about it. She did her best to distract me while I was playing too, and well, she was successful! I guess I need my full concentration when I play. Bad musical abominations happen when I lose focus. I guess they’re only slightly worse than my normal musical abominations though.

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