Better? Who woulda thunk it?

I had another eye exam this morning with Dr. Saxe, and he says he sees good improvement, although I don’t really see much difference. My eyesight is up to 20/25 in the right eye, but I think that’s kind of misleading. With my left eye I’m able to pick off the 20/20 line at a glance, but I have to strain for seconds at a time to see the lines with my right eye. The leakage has slowed, and he says most of the swelling inside my eye has gone. I guess that’s good news, even though I don’t really see it with my own eye.

I had a good time this weekend down with Jon and Michelle in Cincy. We caught a Reds game saturday night and watched the new Batman movie on sunday. Batman gets two thumbs up from all three of us. The plot and action were all great, and it was kinda neat because you didn’t have a clear idea of who the bad guy really was until the very end. There were a few ‘bad’ guys throughout the movie, but arch-enemy super villan type wasn’t revealed until the end. I plan on seeing it again soon. Very few movies get that from me.

I’ve got a few pictures from the trip up in the gallery, along with some others that I hadn’t posted yet. It seems that I took more pictures of their cats than anything else. What can I say, they were cute!

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