Sweet Sweet Vacation

At last, after many weeks of working many hours of unpaid overtime and tons of hair-pulling, my project launched. It launched on monday, and hasn't receieved a huge amount of attention yet, but it's an unadvertised product, so we don't expect it to generate a huge buzz right off the bat. So far the feedback has been positive though, which is good.

I'm also quite happy that I'm able to take a nice 4 day weekend. I worked all of last weekend, so I was able to take friday off, which was good because it turned out that I had a lot of errands to take care of. I waited a good hour at the secretary of state's office to get my registration renewed. That's always a fun time. I also got my hair cut, did some laundry, and took care of a few other things. I was excited though, I got to see Chris and Lana for the first time since they've been back in the US from their extended stay in Japan. We didn't get to catch up as much as I would have liked, but it was good to see them nonetheless.

Today we had a party to celebrate my Grandma Neir's 90th birthday. There was a whole ton of people there, and it was a great time. I guess my sister and I were antisocial for a while because we were off by ourselves talking about the drama in our lives. I don't get to talk to her much these days, which kinda sucks. Between my dad and I many pictures were taken, and once I take the time to upload the 100MB or so of picture data, they'll be in the gallery. [Edit: Both my pictures and my dad's pictures are up now.]

Oh, yeah, I guess I turn 26 today (the 3rd). Another year gone…. nothing's really changed. :-\

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