Foiled again…

My luck proves once again that even the best laid plans can be foiled by something quite simple and unexpected. Megan asked me the other day if wanted to try rock climbing this weekend, and I rather excited for the chance. I knew that I would at least injure myself mildly during the climbing, perhaps a pulled muscle or a heart attack… who knows. But, as a twist of Kate, er, fate would have it, I was taken out of commission before I even had the opportunity.

I went out with Kate and one of her co-workers on friday night to a Lugnuts game. It was a pretty good game, but Kate made us leave in the 9th inning a of 4-4 tie. We were rather annoyed. We then had the privilege of standing in line at Rick’s for around an hour before we were lucky enough to get in. I have to say it… I f’ing hate Ricks. It’s a meathouse, no two ways about it. The only reason people go there is to find someone to take home that night. And it’s smelly, and dark, and strikingly similar to a herd of cattle, both in density and intelligence, during peak times. We hung out there for a while, then I got bored and decided to head back to my car so I could head home. My car was parked at Kate’s, which is a good 2 miles from Ricks, so I settled in for the long walk. Well, about three hundred yards from Ricks I found a bad piece of sidewalk and rolled my ankle. It wasn’t bad enough to keep me from walking, and the alcohol helped dull the pain, but when I woke up the next morning I realized there was no way I was going to be scaling any vertical escarpments, artificial or otherwise. Megan was understanding and gave me a raincheck. I’m still looking forward to it, but it’ll probably have to wait since I’ll be busy with moving and vacations over the next few weekends. I suppose a midweek jaunt isn’t out of the question, but my ankle will have to mend itself before that happens. [Edit: I’m not pissed at Kate… just annoyed with the situation. I seemed a tad harsh in the post, heh…]

Speaking of moving… I’ll be moving in with Megan sometime within the next few weeks, most likely next weekend. I’m actually quite excited about it. We have a lot of common interests, but enough different ones so that I’ll be exposed to some new things that I wouldn’t normally have tried… like rock climbing! Plus she’ll be the first non-work person I’ve lived with since I’ve moved up to Lansing, so I’ll finally have a decent chance to meet some new people. I’m excited!

I started cleaning and packing this weekend so I could move more effectively. I tend to be a pack rat, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s accumulated in my room over the past year or so. I spent the better part of today throwing stuff out. I threw out about two garbage bags worth of stuff and about 80 pounds worth of old magazines that I’ve been carting around for no good reason. I’m shooting for a quick, light move this time. Quick and light is relative, but I’m still shooting for it.

Last, but not least, I’ve got another couple of guitar clips that I’ve recorded during the past week. The first was recorded on Greg’s new acoustic-electric, even though you can’t really tell. It might be the pickup or the way I had the equalizer settings tuned, but it didn’t sound too acoustic to me… hehe. The second was recorded on the Bolt, complete with brand new strings, so it sounded really good. I don’t know if my playing was as good, but you be the judge…

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