Attack of the Ground-Based Sloth

Yesterday I made my first foray into the world of rock climbing. I went with Megan and her friend Anthony to Planet Rock down in Ann Arbor. I wasn’t expecting too much out of myself, and I guess that’s what I got! Before I could do anything I had to learn some of the basic stuff like how to tie myself onto the rope for climbing and how to belay for others that are climbing. I guess I passed, because I now have a nice card in my wallet that says I’m cool to be a top-rope belayer. Awesome.

After my lesson, we started climbing. Anthony is an old pro and Megan is getting there, but I was kind of leary. My first climb was on the equivalent of the bunny hill on a ski slope. Just a nice straight face with no routes to travel but the ones I picked. I made it to the top on the first try. Well, Almost to the top. I think I could have got one hand hold higher, but that was good enough for me on my first try. The second was equally successful up a similar face, only this one was longer. My third climb wasn’t so good. I tried to climb a route, one of the easier ones in the place, but my hands/forearms weren’t really having it. They got tired of anchoring me to the wall, and at that point, this sloth was back to its perch on the ground. I had a good time though, and I would definitely do it again. It would probably be good to strengthen my grip and shed a few pounds before I do it again, so I actually get my money’s worth. Megan has pictures on her camera, so when she posts them or sends them to me, I’ll put up photographic evidence that this Sloth actually can leave the ground under his own power.

On a different subject, I’ll be heading up north soon, most likely tomorrow. I’ll know for sure once Alex gets back to me. I probably won’t post again until I get back, but knowing me I’ll be writing stuff while I’m up there and posting backdated stuff when I get back. See everybody in a week!

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