Let the carnage begin!

Alex and I made our journey up north tuesday night. We left shortly after 5pm and made it up here a little before 11pm. My mom said that there was a lot of construction on US-23 and I-75, so we thought it would be better to dodge that particular stretch of road altogether and head up US-127 via Lansing. It made the trip about an hour longer, but since there’s hardly any traffic on that route, it wasn’t bad at all. David and Marty had a nice chicken dish waiting for us when we got here, and it was very good. Marty crashed out relatively early, but Alex, David, and I stayed up for a while talking about various things.

The next day we woke up gingerly. I emerged around 10:30, and Alex was in bed until around noon. We spent a few hours lounging down by the lake. I decided that it would be fun to dig up moderate sized rocks from the lake and move them in close to shore to make a pile next to the large rock that’s already sitting on our beach. I just have to say it…. yah, rocks are heavy. I probably moved a good 800-1,000 pounds worth of rocks. Beth and Dawson arrived while we were out in the lake. Dawson immediately threw on his suit and helped me find every rock in the bay and told me to move them. I was rather tired by that point, and wasn’t really having it. I was less than intelligent and forgot to wear sunscreen, so I got a decent sunburn. That’s ok though, at least its coloring right? Anything that helps to counteract my car-drivers tan is a good thing. Jim and Judy arrived later in the night.

I awoke early thursday morning (around 7:30) to the sounds of Dawson shouting… it was something about going swimming if I remember correctly. Beth was up as well, and she wasn’t having it. I wasn’t having it either, so I did my best to fall back asleep. David and Marty had already cooked and finished breakfast when I woke up the next time. Dawson was eager to go out swimming once everyone woke up, but the rest of us were just eager to lay around. So, we compromised. We took out the raft things that my mom sent up and tied them to anchors, and then laid out on them for a while. Even Beth got in on the action. She mentioned that it was the first time she’d been out in the lake in almost 15 years. A good number of people showed up thursday. Bill, Inger, and their troop showed up around 8:00 or 8:30, Stacey and Jay showed up around 10:30, and Steve and Brandy showed up sometime after midnight. My sense of time was rather skewed by then, so I’m not quite sure when they showed up.

This morning was rather miserable for sleeping. There are 6 kids up here now, and with the various other early-rising types, sleeping in has become a chore. I guess I should expect that though. There are 20 people up here now along with two dogs, so commotion is a given. The quiet part of the journey is now over. I’m just glad I got a few days of peace and quiet.

I’ve been taking quite a few pictures of this and that, so when I get back on a decent connection, I’ll post them.

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