Ohhh… so tired.

It would seem that I’ve been lax on my site updates again. It’s easy for me to tell that I need to update more when my mom tells me that I need to post something.

The past week has actually been somewhat eventful, unlike the weeks before it. Last wednesday the Gigantour came into town, bringing much sweet music our way. Three of my favorite bands were there – Fear Factory, Dream Theater, and Megadeth – plus a few others that I wanted to see. We arrived at the show at about three, and after a short time we found that we had missed Nevermore’s set due to a misinterpretation of the scheduling between the two stages. We were rather pissed, but we got over it I guess. Symphony X was pretty sweet, and all of the main stage bands were awesome except Dillinger Escape Plan. I thought they sounded like a steaming pile of dung. Matt says they’re a lot better on CD. I hope he’s right. They didn’t impress me at all live. Fear Factory was sweet, as usual. Dream Theater was awesome as well, but to me their mix was too loud before the amplification, and it was causing their sound to be overdriven a bit. Megadeth was totally on, and Dave Mustaine sounded great. In the previous Megadeth shows I’ve seen he’s always seemed to struggle with some of his more snarly vocals, but this time around he nailed them all. Excellent show all the way around.

My friend Annie got married this weekend as well. Unlike last year, where I lost nearly a dozen close friends to marriage, this wedding season has been rather tame, which is good. It makes me feel old when people my age bow out of the game. Anyways, I’m normally somewhat bummed when I go to weddings, because it seems like I’m always one of the slim minority of single people. Everybody is always so happy at weddings, but it always seems to remind me that I’m single, and have been single for a loooong time. Well, this wedding turned out different! I’m not going to go into detail here, because it involed me dancing, and nobody should ever hear a detailed description of said events. It’s just too traumatic. Regardless, I had a *great* time, and who knows, there may be more great times in the future!

I’ve been on the midnight shift this week, which is never fun. I think the only good thing about this shift is that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock. Oh well. I volunteered for it to help a buddy in a bind, so I have nobody to blame but myself. I’m dragging ass right now because I went out to the Peanut Barrel with Kate before work and had a few beers. Mental note: Drinking before a night shift is bad. You tend to want to sleep, and that can’t really happen at work.

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