Different worlds

I have a lot of difficulty describing what I see out of my bad eye, so I tried to create a representation in picture form. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get it quite right, because there are a few things that are hard to represent, such as the overexposure that results from my non-closing right pupil. There’s also the floating fuzzy things that shuffle around whenever I move my eye. I don’t know how to represent those either, but here’s what I’ve got so far. I clipped this from the ESPN writeup of the Spartans decimation of Illinois this past weekend.

This is what I see through my left eye:


And this is what I see through my right eye:


There’s the general blurriness in the right eye, and a distortion in the middle that drags whatever I’m looking at down towards the bottom of my sight. In this image, I would be looking at the center, just under the “Box Score” tab. In reality the text would be harder to pick out because the whiteness would be overpowering the black. I’ll try to update the image a little more later with the floaty things and see if I can account for the overexposure as well.

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