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Goofy Eye

In an earlier post, I tried to mimic the differences between my eyes now that the vision in my right eye has kind of disintegrated. I got bored tonight, and decided to try to mimic things a little better, and try the ‘effect’ on something a little more real-world than a screenshot from Well, here’s a picture I took of the Ocqueoc River up north. It has a little more detail, and provides a better effect.

Left Eye:

[left eye]

Right Eye:

[right eye]

I still couldn’t really mimic the overexposure I see, but cranking up the brightness and contrast kinda does the trick. You can also see the distortion in the middle of my vision, and I tried to throw in the large darkish glob I see floating around all the time toward the right side of my sight as well. The edges are a little too sharp, but the effect is there. I also included some of the random dot-floaters. Now, imagine that every time you move your eye, the glob and the dot-floaters move around in the general direction of eye movement. Now you might have a better idea why I have to close/cover my right eye when I read… πŸ™

Quick! Hide the booze!

It’s been a while since making alcohol disappear (in the non-drinking sense) has been a concern of mine, and dispite the title, it’s still not really that huge of a concern. However, as I displayed last night, a few beers, a desire to purchase, and don’t necessarily bode well for my wallet. Last night I ordered 4 Nevermore albums with about 5 clicks. Damn you Amazon for making it so easy for me to satisfy my musical desires! Well, I can’t really blame them. If best buy had any Nevermore albums other than This Godless Endeavor – which I already own – I would buy it from them. I’ve been looking for a while, but nobody had any of their albums, so to amazon I go. They should be here sometime this week, which is good. I’m pumped to hear more.

Not much else is going on. We found another red-bellied snake wandering around the datacenter, which brings us up to four sub-six-inch snakes in the past few weeks. There must be something in our building that’s much cooler/warmer/more awesome than outside, because this is becoming a trend. The snake exodus has begun!

On other work related news, the new building is coming along quite nicely. The datacenter walls have been framed, and the grid for the dropped ceiling is in place. The sprinkler system is done, and the power system is progressing. The next couple months will hold some very cool things at work, least of which being the choice of where I place my desk in the new building… πŸ˜‰

WebApp design is fun…

(00:02:19) Matt: you know how you can do header shit, like header("Location:");
(00:02:26) Matt: to transfer to that page
(00:02:28) Mike: yep
(00:02:39) Matt: ok, is there any way to do something like that, but cause a POST
(00:02:52) Mike: umm
(00:02:56) Mike: what would you be posting
(00:03:19) Matt: variables. i COULD pass thru REQUEST i guess.... but id much rather do POST for security
(00:06:04) Mike: what are you trying to do
(00:07:25) Matt: i need to transfer from 1 page to another (i dont want any output from the first page, just a transfer... its doing some SNMP set things), i want it to transfer back to another page
(00:08:01) Matt: but that other page needs variables such as switch IP address, port number, etc to load up with the correct info
(00:08:11) Matt: and it gets them from a form action=post of another page
(00:08:26) Mike: is this on the same domain?
(00:08:29) Matt: yes
(00:08:35) Mike: why not just use a session
(00:08:39) Matt: hmmm.
(00:08:43) Matt: you're genius
(00:08:44) Matt: lol
(00:08:50) Mike: lol
(00:08:51) Matt: i already HAVE a session going
(00:08:54) Matt: im fucking retarded.
(00:08:56) Matt: thank you
(00:09:02) Matt: =]
(00:09:17) Mike: hahaha

Sometimes the most simple solution evades you until some(one|thing) slaps you in the face with it.


After working with a customer on installing Turck MMCache tonight, I decided to try it out for myself. It’s a piece of software that plugs into the PHP engine in the webserver that caches the compiled php code so that it doesn’t have to be compiled every time a script is called, which is the default behavior. This reduces overall system load and makes the scripts run in a more timely fashion. My webserver is by no means fast, so I figure it can’t hurt. I tried navigating around the site a bit, and when surfing on my Windows machine, it does seem really zippy, especially in the photo gallery, which has seemed a bit snail-like since I upgraded to gallery2. My linux boxes still seem about the same, but I think that’s because I use Galeon more than anything else. I’ve never once thought that its rendering engine was fast, even on a fast computer.

I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else notices a difference.


Snakes are legless reptiles that come in many sizes. They’ve adapted to living in many of the world’s environments, and judging by what we’ve seen in the past few weeks, that includes datacenter space. In the past month, we’ve found at least five snakes in the datacenter, with three found in the past week alone. All of them were small and quite harmless. It’s my guess that they’re coming indoors because the datacenter has an abundance of heat, something that the autumn environment of Michigain does not offer. The first two caught last week were red-bellied snakes, and the one caught yesterday was a brown snake from what I can gather. All three were of quite calm temprament and made no attempt to bite, but none of them seemed to appreciate being held. The brown snake expressed this distaste by emptying its bowels. Luckly we saw it coming – literally. A bulge travelled down his body until it ’emerged’. Luckily he was over the trashcan by that time. The two red-bellied snakes were released outside, and Phil is going to try to domesticate the brown snake with his girlfriend’s son. Hopefully that works out.

Red-bellied Snake #1

[red-bellied snake]

[red-bellied snake]

Red-bellied Snake #2

[red-bellied snake]

Brown Snake

[brown snake]


Time Travel

I seem to have arrived at friday, but I don't really remember passing monday through thursday. It's been a crazy busy week. We've been shortstaffed at work, so things have been hairy. I've been trying to work on a few development projects that I've been assigned or taken on, but all of the other stuff going on around the office has done an exceptional of pushing those tasks onto the back burner, and almost off the proverbial stove. I've put in a few 10+ hour days this week on top of a 8pm-4am shift this past saturday, so needless to say I'm very ready for a couple days off.

There are times where I wonder if I'm too good of a listener for my own good. Is this even possible? I don't know. I get that impression sometimes, but I doubt there's anything I would or could do about it… it's who I am. Am I off my rocker? Discuss.