Snakes are legless reptiles that come in many sizes. They’ve adapted to living in many of the world’s environments, and judging by what we’ve seen in the past few weeks, that includes datacenter space. In the past month, we’ve found at least five snakes in the datacenter, with three found in the past week alone. All of them were small and quite harmless. It’s my guess that they’re coming indoors because the datacenter has an abundance of heat, something that the autumn environment of Michigain does not offer. The first two caught last week were red-bellied snakes, and the one caught yesterday was a brown snake from what I can gather. All three were of quite calm temprament and made no attempt to bite, but none of them seemed to appreciate being held. The brown snake expressed this distaste by emptying its bowels. Luckly we saw it coming – literally. A bulge travelled down his body until it ’emerged’. Luckily he was over the trashcan by that time. The two red-bellied snakes were released outside, and Phil is going to try to domesticate the brown snake with his girlfriend’s son. Hopefully that works out.

Red-bellied Snake #1

[red-bellied snake]

[red-bellied snake]

Red-bellied Snake #2

[red-bellied snake]

Brown Snake

[brown snake]


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