WebApp design is fun…

(00:02:19) Matt: you know how you can do header shit, like header("Location: http://www.google.com");
(00:02:26) Matt: to transfer to that page
(00:02:28) Mike: yep
(00:02:39) Matt: ok, is there any way to do something like that, but cause a POST
(00:02:52) Mike: umm
(00:02:56) Mike: what would you be posting
(00:03:19) Matt: variables. i COULD pass thru REQUEST i guess.... but id much rather do POST for security
(00:06:04) Mike: what are you trying to do
(00:07:25) Matt: i need to transfer from 1 page to another (i dont want any output from the first page, just a transfer... its doing some SNMP set things), i want it to transfer back to another page
(00:08:01) Matt: but that other page needs variables such as switch IP address, port number, etc to load up with the correct info
(00:08:11) Matt: and it gets them from a form action=post of another page
(00:08:26) Mike: is this on the same domain?
(00:08:29) Matt: yes
(00:08:35) Mike: why not just use a session
(00:08:39) Matt: hmmm.
(00:08:43) Matt: you're genius
(00:08:44) Matt: lol
(00:08:50) Mike: lol
(00:08:51) Matt: i already HAVE a session going
(00:08:54) Matt: im fucking retarded.
(00:08:56) Matt: thank you
(00:09:02) Matt: =]
(00:09:17) Mike: hahaha

Sometimes the most simple solution evades you until some(one|thing) slaps you in the face with it.

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