Quick! Hide the booze!

It’s been a while since making alcohol disappear (in the non-drinking sense) has been a concern of mine, and dispite the title, it’s still not really that huge of a concern. However, as I displayed last night, a few beers, a desire to purchase, and amazon.com don’t necessarily bode well for my wallet. Last night I ordered 4 Nevermore albums with about 5 clicks. Damn you Amazon for making it so easy for me to satisfy my musical desires! Well, I can’t really blame them. If best buy had any Nevermore albums other than This Godless Endeavor – which I already own – I would buy it from them. I’ve been looking for a while, but nobody had any of their albums, so to amazon I go. They should be here sometime this week, which is good. I’m pumped to hear more.

Not much else is going on. We found another red-bellied snake wandering around the datacenter, which brings us up to four sub-six-inch snakes in the past few weeks. There must be something in our building that’s much cooler/warmer/more awesome than outside, because this is becoming a trend. The snake exodus has begun!

On other work related news, the new building is coming along quite nicely. The datacenter walls have been framed, and the grid for the dropped ceiling is in place. The sprinkler system is done, and the power system is progressing. The next couple months will hold some very cool things at work, least of which being the choice of where I place my desk in the new building… 😉

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