Goofy Eye

In an earlier post, I tried to mimic the differences between my eyes now that the vision in my right eye has kind of disintegrated. I got bored tonight, and decided to try to mimic things a little better, and try the ‘effect’ on something a little more real-world than a screenshot from Well, here’s a picture I took of the Ocqueoc River up north. It has a little more detail, and provides a better effect.

Left Eye:

[left eye]

Right Eye:

[right eye]

I still couldn’t really mimic the overexposure I see, but cranking up the brightness and contrast kinda does the trick. You can also see the distortion in the middle of my vision, and I tried to throw in the large darkish glob I see floating around all the time toward the right side of my sight as well. The edges are a little too sharp, but the effect is there. I also included some of the random dot-floaters. Now, imagine that every time you move your eye, the glob and the dot-floaters move around in the general direction of eye movement. Now you might have a better idea why I have to close/cover my right eye when I read… 🙁

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