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Your IP was logged

Dear Sir/Madam,we have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal Websites.

Please answer our questions!
The list of questions are attached.

Yours faithfully,
Steven Allison

++++ Central Intelligence Agency -CIA-
++++ Office of Public Affairs
++++ Washington, D.C. 20505

++++ phone: (703) 482-0623
++++ 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., US Eastern time


I don’t really ever get sick of these… 🙂 I get more laughs out of stupid virus emails than anyone ever should, really.

Two steps forward, eight steps back.

In another act of defiance, the funky blood vessels in my eye have once again let me know that they aren’t going to give up the ghost without a fight. I went in for another checkup today, and things aren’t good. My sight in the right eye has slipped to 20/80, which is the worst it has been. The swelling has returned, and there are new formations of leaky blood vessels spewing shit into my eye.

Dr. Saxe isn’t convinced that the laser has been/will be effective in my case, so he’s looking at something different. Apparently there have been a few studies in the past couple of months that have used a derivative of a cancer medication to treat cases of blood-vessel-related eye problems, such as macualar degeneration. Since Coats’ Disease is so rare, it hasn’t been tested there. The basic premise is that the medication blocks a growth factor that promotes the growth of the faulty blood vessels (VEGF if I heard correctly), which helps the condition calm down. I was taken a bit off guard when the words “cancer medication” were said, but the premise seems sound.

If there’s any good news to be had, it’s that I’ll have another cool picutre of the inside of my eye next week when I go in. And by cool picture, I mean a neat looking picture of the carnage that’s taken place in my eye. They took a bunch of pictures today, and the photo technician said that she would print up a copy or two of the more interesting ones. There were a few pictures that totally highlighted all of the junk floating in my eye, which was kinda neat in a way. It would be interesting to get one of those pictures as well.

select quarter(TimeStamp) from Life;

I really don't like this time of year… the light becomes scarce, cold encroaches, and many things die… including my optimism.

Smart ssh’ing using screen

This has probably been done before, but I decided to set up a bash script tonight that would overload the ssh command and manage ssh connections using screen. I set it up so that when a detached screen to the host you’re connecting to is present, it would reattach that screen session instead of making a new one. If there weren’t any detached sessions, it starts up a new screen session by connecting to the host. I also made it name the screens in a somewhat intelligent manner. If the host you’re connecting to is specified by an IP address, it’ll attempt a reverse lookup to provide a more beneficial name than the IP. If the reverse lookup fails, it’ll just use the IP. If you’re connecting to a host based on a full or partial hostname, it’ll just use that as the screen name. I also made another command to shortcut searching for screens – lsscr. If it’s run with no parameters, it lists all screen sessions. If it is run with a parameter, it’ll take that parameter as a search string and show screen sessions matching that search string. And since I dig open source, I post my work here for all to pilfer.

[EDITx2] I’ve updated the functions a few times, and instead of reformatting HTML each time, I’m just going to post it in the wiki. Enjoy. [/EDITx2]

This code should be placed in your user’s .bashrc file (or the server-wide copy, if you prefer) for this to work right.