Weak in the knees

Yah, I’m really behind in posting, but oh well, it’s my site, my perogative.

Two weeks ago, I had the eye injection that Dr. Saxe hopes will help bring the stupidity inside my eye under control. It was an experience to say the least. The drug he injected is called Avastin, and it’s normally used in cases of rectal/colon cancer. I’m not sure how I feel about having something injected into my eye that’s normally associated with one’s ass, but hey, if it works, it works.

The actual injection wasn’t that bad, although I must say it was weird to be conscious during the procedure. I was able to see the injection entering my eye, which was very strange. The only parallel I can draw is that it was like looking through a whirlpool from underwater. The fluid was swirling around quite freely, which was very strange since my other eye wasn’t experiencing the same effect. The whole injection process took less than 30 seconds, and seemed to be over just as quickly as it started.

What happened afterwards was quite unexpected though. My mom and I were waiting in the exam room for a while so the staff could take pressure reading on my eye to make sure things were kosher. They said they had to wait for ten minutes after the injection to take the reading, so we were just killing time. All of a sudden, I started feeling lightheaded and queasy, and I asked my mom if she could get me a drink of water. Well, before she could finish standing up, I fainted. I collapsed down in the chair and kind of lurched over to one side, hitting my head on the vertical pole that supports all of the ophthalmological examination stuff. My mom had to catch me to keep me from falling to the floor. Apparently I was only out for about 30 seconds, but because of that I had to stay around for quite a while, just so they could make sure I wasn’t going to zonk out again. I didn’t, and after a half hour of nurses buzzing around I was able to leave.

I went in for another checkup a week after the injection, and everything was stable at that point. My sight had apparently improved to 20/50, but I didn’t really notice a difference. I go in for another checkup in early January, so lets hope things are better by then.

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