‘Tis the season…

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Christmas Eve is tomorrow (today?), and I’m burnt out. I’ve been working a lot, playing little, and according to the way I feel, not sleeping enough. It’s all good though, for the time being at least. Tomorrow I will be able to visit with my mom’s side of the family, and it will be fun and festive, as it always is. I guess that I’m lucky that I have a family that I enjoy being around. Not everyone is so lucky.

After Christmas though, that will be less fun – I’m moving, once again. My current living situation just hasn’t worked out. I’ve never really felt at home here – more like I was just crashing at someone else’s place every night. So, I’m moving on. I’ve secured a two-bedroom apartment in a complex where I’ve lived previously. It has a nice view of a large wooded lot, free of ugly things such as cars, buildings, roads, or reflections in the mirror. The price is pretty good too, so I can’t complain. Not as good as sharing the bills with a roommate, but I’ll take that hit in the name of living solo.

I get the keys on Monday, and I hope to have the bulk of my crap moved by late tuesday. It seems that my parents and I have become pretty good at moving me around, with the many MSU-related moves and all. They both have large vehicles now, so that should help things too, as long as I can keep their gaping maws fed with boxes and furniture and the like. (The vehicles, not my parents…) This should also allow me to move all the crap out of Greg’s basement that is still around from when I lived there. I’m sure he and Carl will be pleased to see my junk go.

I won’t have internet service until thursday at the earliest, so my online availibility might suffer. It’s not like I talk to more than 5 people consistently online anyways… 🙂

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, I’m going to bed.

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