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I fail at staying sick

Today was the first time in at least a month where I played my guitar for more than about 5 minutes. I'm not sure why, but when I pick up the guitar, I just don't have much desire to play it. This is kinda backwards, because there's a few songs I've wanted to learn recently, and not wanting to play kinda throws a wrench in the machinery of that plan. Maybe I should record some more guiltar doodles. That might help me get motivated to play more. We'll see if the trends continue I guess.

I'm also feeling a lot better after my bout with the upper respiratory infection. I'm still coughing, but it's not nearly as consistent. It might just be some hypersensitivity in my throat, but it constantly feels like there's something tickling it, like animal hairs or something similar. It's really annoying, and the tickling only seems to go away when I drink something. Needless to say I've been drinking a lot of fluids over the past few days. Other than that though, I'm feeling a lot better. The condition seems to be making its way around work, so it seems that I was bound to get it sooner or later.

I fail at not being sick

Ugh… what seemed to be only the remnants of a cold has morphed into something much more annoying. After a couple days of worsening discomfort due to a swollen and irritated throat, I decided to get myself looked at. The doctor said I have an upper respiratory infection, and put me on antibiotics and told me to take motrin for the irritation. I was coughing a lot before the doctor visit, but it has done nothing but intensify since I've started taking the medication. It's taken a few solid hours to get to sleep each night, and I even had a coughing fit so violent last night that it caused me to throw up.

I love being sick.

I fail at posting

Wow. It's been like three weeks since I posted last. I think I've had more than five people ask me if I'm going to post again, or whether I'm gong to close the website down. I'm not closing the website down. I've actually been somewhat busy, and things have been somewhat eventful. Combine those with a general lack of motivation for posting, and you get three weeks of inactivity.

Right now I feel like crap. I had some sort of illness late last week, and its remnants have firmly implanted themselves in my lungs, giving me one of my death coughs from hell. I had a splitting headache for most of the weekend because of it. Today my head doesn't hurt as bad since I'm not coughing as frequently. I am, however, coughing more violently, and it seems to be making my throat swell up. Every time I swallow, it feels like I'm trying to swallow a golf ball or something else similar in size. Ugh.

In another sucky occurence, one of my cats, Marshall, broke my good laptop. It's been broken before in a similar fashion, but this time it's really hosed. I had the laptop next to my bed on my makeshift nightstand, and he was sitting on the far side of it. He apparently felt the need to visit, and he tried climbing over the laptop. He planted a paw on the top of the screen and tried pushing on it, and it opened far more than my makeshift repairs would allow it to go, and the plastic around the hinges pretty much disintegrated. The laptop still works, but it's pretty much useless as a laptop though. This has allowed me to convert it into a more powerful and much more compact mythtv frontend than the full-sized machine I had before. I have it set up in a diskless network-boot conifguration, so it can sit right next to my center channel speaker and not be adversely affected. I've still got my old beast of a thinkpad that I acquired from Jon, but I'd sure like to get a new laptop. Perhaps I'll look around after Christmas.

I've got a few more things to talk about, but I feel like laying down for a bit right now. I'll try to touch upon them soon.


It seems that I don’t ever take the time to post anymore. I’m sitting here on the floor in this hallway of a hotel in Indianapolis typing this because I’m bored out of my mind, and Bob is asleep already in the hotel room. Since I’m not tired, I’m out here.


I’m down here for my buddy Andre’s wedding. It rained like crazy coming down here, and there were some wind gusts that probably could have blown me off the road if I wasn’t paying attention. Good thing I got the new wipers on my car the other day…

Now onto news… First off, I came up with names for my cats. I liked my dad’s suggestion of Marshall for the black cat, since he’s always sleeping up on my Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinet. Running with the cool guitar equipment names, I called the gray cat Mesa, in honor of Mesa amplification. Now I have to get used to calling the cats by those names.

I also had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Doshi on Wednesday. He said everything was looking good, and my vision tests showed I was seeing a “fuzzy 20/20” with my righteye, which is pretty damned good. I guess that equates to being able to see the 20/20 line with significant effort, as opposed to seeing it at a quick glance. I don’t ever remember seeing 20/20 with my right eye even before the problems started occuring, so that’s something to be happy about. In a related note, I was able to get a pretty good sampling of night-time driving this evening with the associated headlight glare. It still gives me problems, but it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was.

The Cat’s Meow

Yep, I’ve defintely been rather lax on the posting front. First (and fastest to type) is some eye news. It is definitely somewhat better, but keying on how much better is difficult. I’m not seeing as much glare as before, and I’m starting to see more of the general debris that floats around in there as a result of the Coats’ Disease. I take that is a good sign that the fog is thinning, but it kinda sucks that all of the crap is still floating around in there.

Second up is something more fun, cuddly, and lovable. As of a week ago, I’m now the proud owner of two cats. The were given to me by a coworker, Jay, and they’re some of the coolest cats I’ve ever been around. Most cats are tempremental, grumpy, or just downright mean, but these two are outgoing, friendly, and affectionate. I’ve yet to give them names, but I figure I should do it soon.


For those that are curious, the laser procedure today went off without a hitch. It was actually very short (around five minutes), but I had to wait a good half hour to fourty-five minutes before hand while the dilation drops did their thing, and around twenty minutes afterward so they could take a pressure reading. Oh well. I suppose I can’t complain – there was no need for anesthetic, needles, or steroids. I do have a prescription for anti-inflammatory drops though. But, of course, they had to prescribe something new. I’ve got like 5 bottles of leftover drops from previous procedures that probably could have served some purpose, but no! New prescription for me.

Dr. Doshi says that I should start noticing gradual improvement over the next few days. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but it’s probably something that I won’t consciously see until I do before and after type comparisons. Hopefully the improvements don’t take their time.

Wish upon a ….

… Kenny Rogers. Please Kenny Rogers, I beg of you. Teach the rest of our pitching staff how to field their position, before they shoo us out of the World Series. Please Kenny Rogers, I beg of you!

Short Eye Update

Last Friday I had another appointment with Dr. Doshi. He confirmed Dr. Saxe’s diagnosis about the foggy membrane. He put the scheduling for the laser procedure in motion, and I’m scheduled to have some membrane zappage on 10/31. It seems like it’ll be a really low-key procedure. There’s no real preparation, and I should be able to drive myself home according to the surgical counselor I talked to.


yevgeniy: Neir sounds like a metal name
mike: yah, I need to use it as my monicker
yevgeniy: mine just sounds..well...russian
mike: like "Neirgoth"
mike: Neirgor
mike: Neiricon
mike: but in order to have a name like that, I'd have to paint my face and wear stupid outfits

Mixed Opinions

I had another eye checkup yesterday with Dr. Saxe yesterday. I’ve actually been trying to move the appointment up due the apparent worsening of my overall sight from my perspective, but his schedule was full. He seemed quite surprised when I told him that I felt my vision was degrading. After looking things over, he said my eye is looking better than it has in a long time, and is in quite good shape considering all of the abuse it has endured. I’m seeing around 20/30 on the standard vision tests, and there’s little-to-no trace of swelling or leaking blood vessels associated with my case of Coats’ Disease. He did agree that the foggy membrane he noticed on my last visit was most likely causing my degraded vision. He put me on track to see Dr. Doshi again for an examination on friday. Hopefully then I’ll be able to line up the laser treatment that will blast the fog away. If everything else is doing well as Dr. Saxe believes, I’m hopeful that getting rid of the fog will help things immensely.