Back to the old stomping grounds…

Yah, I suppose I'm overdue for a post now. I'm now moved into my apartment completely, with no roomates or other annoyances to speak of. It's great having my own place. I still need some furniture type stuff, like a couch, and some more shelves and things with drawers in them. Other than that though, I'm set. I've got the larger bedroom set up as the computer/guitar room, and the smaller bedroom is where I sleep. I figured I'd need less space to sleep than my computers and guitar setup take up, so that's the way the cards fell. I spent a few hours the other night running some cables from the living room to the computer room through the heat ducting so I could have sound and ethernet run between the two rooms without having wires all over the floor. It worked out pretty nice, but it was kind of a pain. I've got my guide cords in there though, so if I have to run anything again, it shouldn't be so hard.

My entertainment system leaves a lot to be desired though. My TV is old as hell, and literally takes about 5 minutes to fully turn on. Once it's on though, the picture is nice. I also am planning on getting a new receiver soon. I've got my eye on one, and I'm pretty sure I'll go out and get it this weekend with my holiday bonus. The TV will be next, but I can't say for certain when that will happen. I'd prefer to get a TV with a VGA input, but every TV with that feature that I've seen has been prohibatively expensive. Who knows… maybe I'll find a deal.

Other than that, it's been same old same old. Too much work, not enough play. I'm juggling three projects right now at work, which is certainly a pain. Everybody wants progress, but it's hard to do when you're being pulled in different ways. Once of the projects is reaching a good pause-point, so I'll be able to focus more on the other two once that's reached.

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