Nope, not the waterfall…

I saw Dr. Saxe yesterday for another checkup on the progress of my eye. Actually, I might as well say regress, because nothing good came of this latest checkup. The experimental drug helped out a little, but it was nothing to write home about. He thinks it seemed to retard some of the swelling on the outer friges of my sight, but it did nothing for the swelling in the macula, which affects my sight much more.

He also noted that I’ve developed a catract from the steroid medication that was injected during the two laser procedures I’ve had. One would start to think that the logical choice would be to stop the steroid injections and look for some other course of treatment. Well, one would also have to take into consideration that the steroid injections are the only thing that’s seemed to reduce the retinal swelling that’s constantly blurring my vision. Talk about a catch-22…

He mentioned that a cataract surgery would likely improve my vision, and that after said surgery, I could resume the regimen of steroid injections without worry of further catracts. That seems counter-intuitive to me, but he did mention something about an implant that would go along with the cataract surgery. The only thing I can come up with is that they’d replace my natural lens (where the cataracts form) with an artificial one that isn’t prone to cataract formation. I see him again in two weeks for another steroid injection, so I’ll have to ask him then.

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