Still not a waterfall…

I’m not feeling especially talkative right now, so I’ll be brief. I had another eye injection yesterday. This injection was another steroid injection. Good thing is that there was no fainting incidents this time. My eye showed the pattern of the last steroid injection. I had the reflective X-Files looking floating globs, and I still do I guess. Dr. Saxe confirmed that I will indeed need cataract surgery sometime soon, probably around 6 weeks from now. The procedure will indeed give me an artifical lens in my bad eye. It’s a short procedure, apparently lasting only 20 minutes or so, but from what Dr. Saxe said, I’ll probably have to lay low for a week or so afterwards to let things recuperate. I guess I’ll have to confirm that with the guy who will actually be performing the surgery, but since nothing is confirmed, I don’t know anything about that yet.

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