Certainly not one for the ages…

Tonight I fired up an old tradition. I got out some cables and the crappy Radio Shack kareoke amplifier thing I use as a post-amp, and I recorded some guitar noise. I haven’t been playing a whole lot lately, and I’m pretty rusty. I played on both the Strat and the Bolt, which probably highlights the fact that I need to acquire more pickups for the Bolt. A few months back, the last of the Carvin pickups died, and I was forced to move the Fender Lace Sensor that Phil gave me down to the bridge position. It still sounds pretty good, but I definitely miss the sound of two pickups in unison on that guitar. I’ve been thinking of buying a couple more of the Fender Lace Sensors, but spending money is tight with all of the eye business lately.

Well, back to the recording. It’s pretty aimless for the most part. I just dinked around for most of the “session,” but there were a few sections in there where I played parts of “real” songs. Anyhow, here it is. Enjoy.

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