You’d better find your helmet

I was just looking through my cached posts from the Metal Underground RSS feed and put together a list of concerts I want to see in the coming months. The list is pretty good so far, and this is a good thing.

4/22/2006 – Chimaira and Arch Enemy @ Harpos, Detroit. I’ve been wanting to see Chimaira for a while now, and now I’ll have the opportunity. Nevermore is on this tour up until 4/14, which kind of chaps my ass. I’ll miss them by 8 days. Not such a bad thing though… keep reading.

5/13/2006 – In Flames, Evergrey, and Nevermore @ The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids. This show has awesome written all over it. I’ll finally get to see Nevermore after the near miss at last year’s Gigantour. Evergrey and In Flames are also top notch. I’ve seen Evergrey once, and their show was a lot of fun. I can only expect that this will be great as well. I might have to put together a pilgrimage for this one given its saturday night timeslot.

7/6/2006 – Slayer, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Children of Bodom @ Cobo Hall, Detroit. This concert is going to be like a ten ton wrecking ball with guitars. I saw Slayer and Mastodon last year, and barely escaped with my life. This one should be even better. I’m a huge fan of all four bands mentioned, so this concert will be something to remember.

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