Today was a good day, dispite the fact it’s still cold outside. It’s the first full day of spring, and that makes me happy. I received good news about my eye, and that also makes me happy. Well, I guess that’s all that made me happy today.

About my eye though… I had another appointment with Dr. Saxe today for an angiogram and a checkup. The angiogram showed that my retina is not showing the signs of swelling and fluid leakage that have plagued it over the past year. It’s impossible to know whether this is something permanent or whether it’s just the steroid doing its job, but it’s still good news. I’ll be pretty happy if/when I can finally close the door on this eye saga, but I don’t consider myself out of the woods yet. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got a ways to go before either myself or Dr. Saxe would say that my eye has been bested.

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