So Shelby, you want me to install WordPress? What do you have to say now? 🙂

(16:30:26) Shelby: when are you going to rewrite the blog software ;)
(16:30:35) Mike Neir: I dunno
(16:30:48) Mike Neir: you just ask because you'll want to install it
(16:30:50) Mike Neir: haha
(16:31:30) Shelby: hah if it has enough cool features heh
(16:31:42) Shelby: i was thinking of trying to write my own
(16:31:44) Mike Neir: I'm all cool features man
(16:31:46) Mike Neir: DO IT
(16:31:51) Shelby: and then converting from wordpress to it

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