Ooops, I've done it again. In a decision that I'm 100% certain my mom and sister will hate, but one that I'm quite fine with, I buzzed off a full head of hair yesterday. I had the “man of the mountain” look going on again, and I was tired of wearing a hat everyday, so I got out the clippers and trimmed everything down to 1/4″. Nice easy maintenance there. Since I have no idea how much I'll be spending on eye procedures and medications this year and finances are kind of tight, I see this as a smart financial decision. Cutting my own hair saves cash. Save all the money you can, right? Time to start buying ramen noodles by the truckload, too.

Also, in completely unrelated news, getting a solid IPSec configuration working in Windows is a total pain in the ass. I've been using IPSec in Linux both at home and at work for almost two years now, and it's rock solid and easy to configure. In my experience, on the other hand, Windows only works properly for a matter of hours, and then requires intervention. If anyone out there knows why the Windows IPSec implementation likes to crap out for 5 minutes once the ISAKMP lifetime has been reached, and more importantly, knows how to fix it, please let me know. I suppose Windows could just be taking a break for a cigarette, but Windows should know better than that. Smoking stinks.

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