Mmmm… Tasty.

I’m sure all the cool kids have known about this site for a long time, but I just gave a try this weekend, and I must say it’s pretty neat. It’s termed as a social bookmarking service. So far, I’ve just used the bookmarking part, and none of the social part. There are a few things that make it pretty handy. First, it allows you to store bookmarks in a central location. This makes it easy to keep track of handy dandy links across multiple computers, which is really handy for someone like me. Second, each bookmark is tagged with one or more categories for organization. Third, there are a few extensions for Firefox that integrate the tagging and viewing of bookmarks right into the browser, so you don’t have to go to the site to view what you’ve saved.

Another really neat feature is the ability to export RSS feeds for all of your bookmarks or just bookmarks in individual categories. I see this as being a cool thing because I could tag articles I find interesting with a particular category, and have them show up in a section of my page for others to see. The tagging process allows one to enter a description, and those descriptions should show up in the RSS output as well. It could just be more fluff on my website (of which there is already plenty), but it could be cool at the same time.

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