Nordic? Check. Bowels? Check. D-E words? Check.

I just realized the other day that I hadn’t yet talked about Opeth on my page yet, which is a travesty considering how much I’ve been listening to them lately. It’s quite safe to say that they’re my favorite band at the moment. While Opeth and I haven’t been seeing (hearing?) each other for very long, our relationship has flourished. Opeth touches me in ways most other bands can only dream about. The thing that makes Opeth so attractive is their diversity and their sheer musical talent for writing punishing riffs. There are few that can compare to these guys in the riff department. They lay them on thick and heavy. Then, on the other side of the coin, when they decide to play with my emotions, they dump the heaviness and raspy snarling vocals and segue into something that’s quiet, melodic, and soothing. Consider it the calm before (or after) the storm, if you will. Whatever you choose to call it, I call it phenomenal. I call it superb. I call it splendid. But most of all – I call it METAL. \m/

As is my tendency, I will try to introduce any band that I like to more people so that they may feel the warm glow that I feel when I’m hearing music that I love. With that being said, I’ve succeeded in scoring my first convert. The other day, partially due to my recommendations, Matt bought some Opeth albums, and so far, he’s totally digging them. I also introduced Phil to Opeth, and I can safely say that he digs their quieter melodic side. The loud metal side – not so much. Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Two people down, many billions to go. I’d better keep moving.

In a related story… When I was introducing Phil to the sheer musical might of Opeth at work one evening, we got on a side conversation about how American metal decayed into an androgenous pile of dung at the end of the 80’s, with only a few of the pure and talented metal bands surviving to see the end of that dark and dismaying time. Our discussion covered various traits that made a band truly ‘metal’, and why the pretty boys of the glam era had absolutely no chance of playing anything worthwhile. Invariably, had little of the thing that gives metal its potency – angst. Shiny happy people don’t play metal, period. Glam rock (or as my good friend Jon would call it, “cock rock”), sure. Metal? No way. This discussion led to modern metal, and how Scandinavia is the only place left where playing in a death metal band will still land you a plethora of female-types. Well, less than 24 hours later, I checked up on the latest Strong Bad Emails, which is my semi-monthly habit, and saw a gem of an email. It’s entitled “Death Metal”, and it covered our discussion almost to a “T”, only in a totally humorous way. I highly recommend checking it out. Phil actually told the same story here, but I wanted to tell it as well. I do what I want!

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