A little cleaner

Today was a productive day. I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment and finally putting some things away that were still laying around in boxes from when I moved in… Yes, I know, it was three and a half months ago. Everything has a home now. I kept telling myself that I was going to wait and get another storage-type device like a desk or filing cabinet to house the stuff I hadn’t found homes for yet. When I actually got down to sorting through it, I realized that most of the stuff already had a place somewhere, and the rest was just garbage that just needed to be tossed. This probably marks the first time since I moved in that the apartment is in a state that my mother would call “mostly clean.”

I’m normally not a very messy person, nor am I a neat freak. I have a chaotic kind of order to my existence. I’m very visual, so if I put something somewhere, I remember the surroundings, and if I need to find it, I know where to look. Therefore, I don’t really need to organize a lot of things by normal standards. However, what I had going on here was a bit out of control. I’ve been a bit more lax with my organization since I’ve been living on my own, and I’m not necessarily happy with it. My always-on-time bill payment record is now tarnished because of my lack of order, and that makes me angry. In response, I’ve decided to get organized again. I’ll start with this pile of crap…

[pile of junk mail]

This is pile of various statements, pay stubs, and other important papers that I collected during my cleaning today. Some of these go back as a year and a half, some even longer. There are even a few Compuware pay stubs in there, and I haven’t worked at that godforsaken place since 2001! I have no idea where those came from. I’m pretty anal about keeping documents like these when I receive them, but I haven’t been so anal about filing them. That will change. I’m tired of the disarray.

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