Bottoming Out

Before I went on my cleaning spree today, I went over to CompUSA and Marshall Music. I’ve been trying to avoid places like CompUSA and Best Buy since I’m somewhat broke at the moment, and I have a bad tendency to walk out with things I wasn’t planning on buying and certainly don’t need. Today was different. I had a purpose. Earlier on this morning the AC adapter for my Thinkpad (a.k.a. Craptop) gave up the ghost. I didn’t hold much hope for finding an AC adapter at CompUSA for such an old model laptop, but I didn’t think it would hurt to look. They didn’t really have anything that was tailor-made for it, but there were a few generic laptop adapters that might have fit the bill. Let me clarify – they may have fit an expensive bill. The one that looked like it might work the best was $99. There’s no way I’m going to pay that much for something that might work. As it turns out, I found a site later on the day for a company that makes all sorts of batteries and adapters for laptops old and new. Their price was much cheaper ($35), and they guarantee compatibility. I picked up an adapter from them, and also a replacement battery. The battery on the craptop was really bad, and quite inconsistent in its performance.

The trip to Marshall Music was just for strings and picks for the old Gee-Tars. While I was there, I decided to renew an old experiment I’d begun some time ago. Along with my normal strings, I picked up a pack of 7-strings so I could bottom out the Carvin. I’ve done this a few times before, and it’s always proven interesting. I really like the low sound that the baritone tuning provides. I put the strings on when I got back from the store, but the intonation was pretty bad, so I adjusted the truss rod a bit to tighten things up. It sounds a lot cleaner now. The only bad thing is that the Carvin only has one pickup in it right now, so I’m kinda limited in my tonal capabilities. Perhaps I’ll be able to pick up a couple Fender Lace Sensors once Greg delivers the cash that he owes me… 🙂 In any case, I’m hoping it will insipre me to play more. I might also be inclined to record some clips, and if I do so, I’ll be sure to upload them to the site for your listening (dis)pleasure.

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