Fun conversation with Alex

Alex: i think i saw kiss at cobo
Alex: ...
Alex: naw that was silverdome.
Mike: or tiger stadium
Mike: I know they played there too
Alex: on they're final farewell tour?
Mike: along with aerosmith or something crazy like that
Mike: with AIC opening
Alex: what?
Mike: if I remember right
Alex: AIC opened for KISS?
Alex: WTF
Alex: AIC will always reign over kiss in ways we cannot even comprehend!
Mike: scroll to the end
Mike: 6/28/96
Alex: i see
Alex: goddamittttttt
Alex: thats just not fair!
Mike: yah, it's an embarassment
Mike: a sacrelege
Alex: seriously. I saw kiss as my first real concert. AIC is ACTUALLY an awesome band.
Alex: not fake awesome.

Alex is right. Alice in Chains is an awesome band. Kiss? Eh, not so much… in this dude’s eyes at least.

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